Saturday Range-Only Group for DofE Bronze Activity / Scouts/Explorers Shooting Badge.  Contact us for more information and to book your space.

Last Thursday of every month we run Range-Only sessions in the morning, for Home Educated children. These Sessions are for age 9+ and younger siblings can use the undercover picnic area with their parent/responsible adult. Contact us for more information and to book your space.

We offer One to One Sessions for those that require the additional support.  This can be arranged through your Support/Care Worker.  This is available for children aged 10 and over and Disabled/Vulnerable adults.Sometimes funding can be used to access this and we are more than happy to invoice the relevant department.  Check if they will agree to you accessing an outdoor sport which will improve your focus, energy, stamina and upper body strength.The 40 minute sessions are ideal for those under 12 and/or those with limited mobility/energy.  They are a great starting point and cost £12 per person.   1 hour sessions are £14 per person.  We do not offer a discount for any of these sessions as this is a very unique service.  We can advance 40 minute sessions to 1 hour at the agreed decision of all involved. We set achievable goals and teach safety, equipment maintenance and distance recognition.  We advise on a site visit first to meet the Instructor/s this can be arranged by either phoning 07923 111997 / 01309 641206 or emailing bowhunterarchery@outlook .com

A responsible adult (parent/carer/support) has to remain onsite for the duration of the session.  We invite them to walk around with us as this also enables the parent/carer/support some time outdoors in the woodland.  We do not shoot in the rain or adverse weather conditions.  All sessions are during the week and prebookable, regular slots are available termtime.  We suggest advance booking for sessions during school holiday time.