Covid info

We still need you to contact us first so we can ensure we are able to meet all safety requirements. 

We are continually evolving to do everything we can to protect you and your family/friends - and us and our staff.  Our Instructors will teach at a safe distance and may be wearing gloves.  Our Instructors Lateral Flow Test at least twice a week.  Face masks are not required for this outdoor sport.

Although Archery is not classified as a "Contact" Sport we require to be closer than 2 metres when teaching beginners, especially children, young adults and vulnerable adults.

We may need to restrict group sizes as Restrictions fluctuate 

We have a high ratio of Instructor to Child/Young Person, this means our staff are expected to work closely with other "households".  To ensure compliance with Government "household" guidelines and to protect our Staff and our Visitors, we may need to limit group sizes in line with any Scottish Government decisions. 

So if you are planning something big - then give us a shout as soon as possible!

How are we going to protect you whilst you visit us?  All the equipment you will be using is not only disinfected between use, but also rotated, reducing the chances even more of catching anything from the equipment (scientific reports suggest the chances of contracting Covid 19 from equipment is very minimal).  There will be strict limits, in line with whatever social distancing is required, to the amount of people in the whole woods at one time, keeping you safer.  We may have to reduce our sessions to just 1hr woodland archery sessions, we can let you know when you book.  The most important thing is that we all support the NHS and do what we can to limit the spread to others.  However your mental health and well-being is just as important and we would urge you to contact someone if you are struggling.  As an outdoor sport and being in woodland spaces, we can offer opportunity for you to rebalance your mental and physical well being. 

Tippy-Tap, foot activated, hand washing hygiene stations, are set up throughout the wood.  You are also welcome to wear face masks, this is optional as you will be outdoors continually.  Our staff may be wearing face masks or face shields and gloves.  We have done everything we can think of to ensure you are safe, so please help us too. 

Don't visit us if you are unwell, don't visit us if you are awaiting a PCR test or someone in your family is isolating.  This is so we can protect our Instructors and their families too.  

In line with Sport Scotland Guidance we have a named Covid Officer, Elizabeth MacKinnon, who has completed the necessary, certificated course. Any queries can be directed to Elizabeth at

Thank you for your continued support of our small family business.